Dates are approximate,call before you come

Oriole  Flavorful apple with mushy texture when cooked. Good for sauce, pies, and apple butter.  Ready approximately  8/13
Monark Tart, firm apple. Excellent for eating and cooks soft. Ready approximately 8/15
Zestar!   A winner for fresh eating with a complex fruity flavor! Also a good choice for pies and applesauce.  Ready approximately  8/25
SweeTango   SweeTango is crisp and juicy with a crunchy texture. The flavor is rich and vibrant. SweetTango is a cross between the Honeycrisp and Zestar varieties  Ready approximately 8/29  
E2   Whoo! Tart Juicy Apple for fresh eating. Flavor competes with Haralson. Awesome in pies and crisps  Ready approximately 9/9
Honeycrisp  Exceptionally crisp and juicy fresh-eating apple. Slices retain shape in baking.   Honeycrisp stores for months in the refrigerator. Ready approximately 9/8
Rosy Makes-you-pucker.. Excellent for fresh eating and baking.  Crunchy texture. Ready approximately 9/15
Haralson  Very popular MN apple for fresh eating and cooking.  Tart with a firm texture. Keeps well through the winter. Ready approximately 9/17
Sweet Sixteen   Sweet, crisp, juicy apple .  Excellent for fresh eating. Does not brown after slicing. Ready approximately 9/23
Cortland   Excellent for fresh eating right after picking, but it does soften in storage. Attractive white flesh does not brown quickly after slicing, so it's good for salads and fruit plates. A favorite for pies, sauce and baking, too. Ready  approximately 9/17
SnowSweet    Fruit has a white, crisp flesh that's sweet.  tasty and perfect for fresh eating   . Ready  approximately 10/2 
Connell Red  Redder version of old-fashioned Fireside.  Sweet, firm apple for fresh eating and salads.  Ready approximately 10/3
E-134  Flavorful Sweet-Tart. Excellent for fresh eating and baking. Crunchy texture .  Ready  approximately 10/3
B51  One of our very own. Sweet and extremely crisp.  Ready   approximately 10/6
Keepsake  Late maturing crunchy apple.  Best after 1-2 months in storage. Ready  approximately 10/14
Autumn Crunch  Excellent fresh eating.  Explosive crunch.  Zesty refreshing flavor .  Ready  approximately 10/15