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Variety   Description Approximate Availability Date 2022 
Oriole  Flavorful summer apple with soft texture.  Great for sauce, pies, and apple butter. 8/15 
Monark  Tart, firm apple. Excellent for baking and cooks soft.  8/17 
First Kiss Extremely crisp early season apple with a lightly tart flavor. Excellent for fresh eating.  8/24 
Zestar! A winner for fresh eating with a complex fruity flavor. One of our favorites for baking and applesauce.  8/25 
SweeTango Rich and vibrant flavor with a crisp and juicy texture. Cross between Honeycrisp and Zestar. 8/27 
Premier HoneycrispEarlier ripening version of Honeycrisp. Shares many attributes of the original. Slightly smaller in size.8/29 
E2 Whoo! Tart juicy apple for fresh eating. Awesome in pies and crisps. Flavor competes with Haralson. 9/8 
Honeycrisp Exceptionally crisp and juicy.  One of the favorites for fresh eating. Stores for months when refrigerated.  9/8 
Rosy Crunchy with a make-you-pucker tang. Excellent for fresh eating and baking.  9/15 
Haralson Tart and firm apple for fresh eating. The traditional favorite for baking. Long keeper.   9/16 
Cortland Traditional apple flavor makes it a favorite for baking and sauce. Great for fresh eating soon after picking. Softens in storage.  9/16 
Sweet Sixteen Sweet, juicy apple excellent for fresh eating. 9/21 
SnowSweet Crisp and sweet with white flesh. Perfect for fresh eating.  10/1 
Connell Red Sweet and firm apple for fresh eating.  Redder version of Fireside.   10/1 
C-85 Medium-sized juicy apple with pleasantly tart flavor and crunchy texture. Good for fresh eating and baking.  10/5 
Ace of Hearts Crunchy flavorful sweet-tart apple. Wonderful for fresh eating and baking.  10/5 
Autumn Crunch Zesty refreshing flavor for fresh eating with explosive crunch. 10/8 
B51 An Ocheda Orchard original. Sweet, extremely crisp and perfect for fresh eating.  10/8 
Keepsake Late season crunchy, sweet apple. Flavor improves after 1-2 months in storage.  10/14 
Charlie's Choice Firm, flavorful apple perfect for fresh eating and baking.  Texture and flavor is maintained for months in refrigerated storage.    10/19